Leave Out All The Rest

I picked up the title from Linkin Park’s Song, for a reason. Much happened in my life when I did just like the song’s title. And for some reason, I would like to have this song played when I passed away.

Just when I try to be serious in entrepreneurship and I know it will be hard to keep up the fixed income against fixed outcome. I have been struggling building network, ability and system to make this running well.
Once I read a daily devotion, about leaving all of my worries to God. Just do all the best, pray and leave out all the rest to God.
A lot of things happen after. I’m a husband also a father with two small boys. All the fixed outcome just increasing month by month. And still keeping it up to fullfil those bills.
Then my wife suggest me to search for job. To have some other fixed income rather than from her job, she is a working mom. Then I did search. I try to apply to some job vacancies, but either my grade from bachelor degree didn’t met their requirement (ouch) or my age is too old (almost 40 😀) made me failed.
But there is some miracles as the application ongoing. I received some good opportunity to handle some projects for my business.
If I looked back in every journey of my life and my business. I found some miracles happen when I just gave up everything to God. Not because I didn’t care about those anymore, but more of “I can not handle this alone and really tired to pursue with my own strength”
I realised that God ready to help. Just ask and give to Him.

I’m not a good and religious man after all. I made a lot of mistake to my family. Confession is for God in my private pray, I will never open it. But that’s hard, even to confess in prayer.
But then I gave up to God. Leaving all of my life. I read much to dream big, to have plan, to have strict schedule. But for me, I will leave all the rest to God. I know, maybe it is too naive, but these kind of experience happen to me. Not once or twice, but just too often not to realised it.
Some happened just beyond expectation. But I believe, God just give in the right time and excactly just I need, not I want.
Matthew 6:25 (KJV) Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?
Like this writing world. I really want to do this a long time ago. But, I never try to start, because a silly reason, I was afraid to publish it. I wrote some, still not everyday though, but trying to keep up to write everyday. Just like the title, “Leave Out All The Rest”